Top 10 Best DAW Software (Digital Audio Workstation)

Best DAW Software :- At the present time, the electronic music-production scene is more divided than it’s been before. You can create full tracks on your tablet or smartphone or forego any type of ‘PC’ and utilize a committed equipment sequencer.For the ideal adjustment of adaptability, power, and comfort, however, despite everything you still can’t beat a Windows or Mac running a DAW – Digital Audio Workstation. Get one of these OS installed and you can start recording, editing, and mix whole tracks from the convenience of your work area on your desktop.


After you have formed your dream home studio, the subsequent stage is to focus on an appropriate recording DAW program.

DAW software, has totally changed the way we deliver music today. Once there was a time, recording and editing a track expected you to have a ton of cumbersome devices, instruments, and different tools. Nowadays, you can accomplish similar results with just having a desktop and a DAW software.

Finding a right DAW software is like an artist has found an accomplice.

Here is the quick list of the best DAW software accessible in 2018:


#10 ACID Pro 7

Compatible: Windows

Sony Acid Pro 7 is really a perfect product from Sony. It is an effective DAW software, which is thought to be truly outstanding in the Digital Audio Workstation market. It accompanies highlights like multi-track recording and mixing, unbelievable loop control and complete MIDI sequencing for super music production.

ACID Pro 7 additionally includes around 3000 loops and a gigantic set of MIDI records for creating incredible music flawlessly. One of the advantages is that it can run on any computer system with standard specs.

Other than that, the real features of this product are dedicated mixing console, input busses, MIDI track freeze, tempo curves, and an extraordinary format assistance.


#9 Bitwig Studio

Compatible: Windows, Mac& Linux

Bitwig came into the DAW industry recently in 2014, yet it guarantees to be an exceptionally able music production program. One can anticipate that it will be consistent with modern standards being a newer product, and cutting-edge music generation trends, consisting an accentuation on a work process that improves creativity. The GUI is like Ableton Live, as it was made by previous Ableton engineers.

A cool aspect concerning Bitwig, which makes it a really modernized DAW, is that it takes the Ableton quality of being a live performance DAW and transforms it into a stage that is basically a whole semi-modular device. It does so through its modulator framework, where you can relegate modulators directly to any of Bitwig’s effects and instruments tools.

Amidst its 11 virtual instruments, there is the Polysynth, additionally 24 tools, for example, Chain, Replacer, Note Filter, and Arpeggiator as well as 28 sound effects.


#8 MOTU Digital Performer 9

Compatible: Windows & Mac

This DAW software can very much motivate an artist with its included devices and a lot of quality plugins. MOTU incorporated a quality choice of sound effects, synths, and MIDI effects in it.

To increase your creativity level, MOTU Digital Performer 9 likewise offers boundless tracks, as opposed to Ableton’s beginner version which just serves 16 sound and MIDI tracks.

Another advantage to the DAW is its integrated windows. This component makes it simple to advance around. This implies faster learning, accessibility, and workflow, which, all artists know play important parts in music production. MOTU offers state-of-the-art studio music creation technology for a high-quality recording and mixing activity with a large number of editing abilities.


#7 FL Studio

Compatible: Windows & Mac

Speaking to more than 18 years of technological improvements it has every one that you need in one package to make, organize, edit, record, mix, as well as ace proficient excellence music. FL Studio is now made the most of creative professionals.

A reasonable DAW software that is very much prominent among electronic music makers. FL Studio is not difficult to utilize and has some awesome features for composition.

FL Studio’s inbuilt MIDI organizing is one of its most praised capacities enabling beginners to try different things with transposing and specialists to totally compose tracks how they might want.

Each buy of FL Studio likewise accompanies free lifetime updates, implying that you will regularly have free access to the most recent variant.


#6 Studio One 3

Compatible: Windows & Mac

This DAW has turned out to be progressively famous in a recent couple of years, for all good things. It is presently the most usually utilized DAWs.

Studio One 3 comprises all that you’d require from an advanced digital audio powerhouse. When you touch its quick, drag-out-drop interface, streamlined, you’ll know Studio One 3 was developed by imaginative individuals for creative music generation.


#5 Ableton Live 9

Compatible: Windows & Mac

Ableton has set a fame for itself with regards to recording software. Their Live 9 program is utilized everywhere in music creation. Initially started in 2001, Live is currently its ninth version.

Either it’s utilizing the ‘set’ window to string live in front of an audience or mixing a task at home in your room, Ableton Live is an effective editing and recording device for performers of all ability levels.The essential session and arrange primary views are not at all difficult to understand and instinctively connected for simple editing and creating of the record.


#4 Steinberg Cubase

Compatible: Windows & Mac

Cubase has built up themselves as a staple in music creation program. Utilizing its instinctive controls make each progression of the music production a simple task. Also, it’s intended to help you with each progression whether that be tapping in an initial couple of notes to your track or tweaking the levels in your concluding mix.

Their leading software Cubase Pro is for everything from recording, composing, mixing and altering music with the software’s advanced audio and MIDI devices. Cubase Artist is made for profound editing and sequencing while Cubase Elements is the component full of programs for recording music with the help of Cubase Pro’s world-renowned innovation.


#3 Pro Tools 10

Compatible: Windows & Mac

Pro Tools 10 is another one of the best software a performer could request. The audio processing with this product is essentially simpler, speedier and better.

It is the most compelling program accessible on the market today to mix, edit, and compose music and obviously, recording. The product includes a wide range of virtual instruments, including, pianos, drums, synths, and different samples instruments.

Pro Tools 10 sound recording software comes with 8 GB of loops. With the most advanced effects and plugins, you can compose your audio in any form you like. The modern editing instruments let you to effortlessly make flawless and improved musical compositions. The best thing about this stunning program is the way it gives you a chance to work with or without an interface.


#2 Propellerhead Reason 9.5

Compatible: Windows & Mac

For quite a while, Propellerhead Reason is on the edges of DAW application. This is for the most part because of getting things done exceptionally. The software brings what is presumably an essential development in the advancement of this DAW version.

As of recently, Propellerhead has also established the third-party VSTs, enabling users to import a wide variety of amazing instruments, effects, and different plugins. With this new extension, the software has gone from awesome to epic. As the range of Reason’s main features, performance, and tools are undoubtedly good.


#1 Cakewalk SONAR

Compatible: Windows

SONAR’s list of capabilities is great and absolutely too abundant to be detailed completely which makes it to stand at number one position in our list. Few of the best features incorporate a precise and clean 64-bit engine and support for up to 384 kHz sample rates.It supports a helpful piece of innovation- BitBridge that enables you to utilize 32-bit modules in the 64-bit engine, storing your old modules and potential projects not to end up unusable.

It permits a huge number of MIDI and audio tracks so the main confinement is your equipment’s capacities. It can deal with a wide range of activities, covering composition for the film to dance music creation.

Prochannel’s one of the winner feature is- an adjustable virtual equipment collection of effects coordinated into each track. Modeled on astounding studio hardware, from tape reels to mixing consoles, the plugins carry components of a genuine studio, while staying light on handling.

If you’re asking yourself how to record audio better or how to mix music, how to edit sound properly, odds are there’s a DAW software out there as a perfect answer for every kind of music enthusiast. So, educate yourself on various DAW, locate the one that’s fit for you and get fired producing that ideal sound.

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