Sync Messages to iCloud in iOS 11.4 and macOS High Sierra

After a long wait and request you can finally sync your iMessages/Messages to iCloud in iOS 11.4 and macOS High Sierra and restore and have backup of them forever. Are you also looking how to sync them ASAP in your device to preserve them forever? Follow the steps below to safeguard your messages, images, documents and attachments.

For the longest time Apple users were not happy about iMessages and Messages in iPhone/iMac/Mac not syncing with iCloud and people losing them in updates, phone swaps and other minor problems. Finally Apple in the recent release of iOS 11.4 and macOS High Sierra incorporated the option to sync and backup your messages and preserve them till you decide to knock them off! Also, if you decide to clean up one conversation from your device it will collaborate the action to your other connected devices and clean up without needing you to waste your time cleaning the connected devices as well.

Why should you sync messages to iCloud?

  1. Apple iCloud stores your whole iMessages, SMS texts, attachments and images, once enabled.
  2. The progressions of receiving and deleting anything made on one gadget right away show on the other device connected by the same Apple ID, in this manner making it a considerable measure simpler to take control of everything in a small amount of time.
  3. Another good advantage of this feature is that when you Sign IN using your Apple ID on a new iPhone, you will get all of your messages history in the device or by accessing iCloud.
  4. Your messages are ensured and properly secured with top-level end-to-end encryption.
  5. One thing worth specifying in advance is that you should need to turn on “Two-Factor Authentication” to have the capacity to match up your message with iCloud. In this way, complete it now.

Follow the steps below to sync:

How to sync Messages in iOS 11.4:

STEP 1: At first to start, Please navigate to “Setting” APP on your iOS device.


STEP 2: Navigate to your Apple ID banner, open it by clicking on it.


STEP 3: Now, please navigate to ‘iCloud’ options and look for ‘iMessages’ in the options below.


STEP 4: Once you open ‘Messages’, go to ‘Messages on iCloud’ and enable that option.


STEP 5: Once done, after navigating and switching it, you might get a 2-factor authentication if you have not initiated till now. Once done, you will have all your messages and iMessages synced to all your devices and iCloud!

DISCLAIMER: During the whole process, please make sure you have wi-fi connected and working to your device. After completing the whole process, it might take a little time to upload all the messages, attachments and documents depending upon the data internet speed and amount of documents and messages in your device.

How to sync Messages in macOS High Sierra:

It’s very similar to iOS, just the navigation goes through Mac and the named definitely vary too:

STEP 1: Open the iMessages app window from the SPOTLIGHT SEARCH and look for ‘Prefrences’ on the naim menu.

STEP 2: Please look for and click Accounts tab in the Messages ‘Preferences” window.


STEP 3: Next up, check the box next to “Enable Messages on iCloud” check it and enable.



DISCLAIMER: You can stop syncing your messages or any information for that matter with iCloud by easily turning it off. You have the option to disable it on a particular device or for all the devices. Once you switch it on, the messages will be synced and kept in the memory till the time you disable it.


Now, you have iCloud sync’ed to all your devices and your messages, documents, attachments and images all safe! Enjoy.





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