Steps to Utilize Arrangement Track in GarageBand

GarageBand is providing Arrangement Track, which is capable of defining vertical arrangements of a track. The arrangement or the functionality is similar to that of an arranger that is capable of defining sections in a chart. It is also possible to use labels such as chorus and verse for quick identification. Upon completing it, one can drag the arrangement track of the region within the composition, or Option-drag to copy the same and merge it into a different section.


For instance, you can create an arrangement track using chorus with multiple tracks. You can now copy the entire arrangement and paste it to another part of the song without the necessity to select individual regions of the song.

How do I use Arrangement Track in GarageBand?

  1. Step 1: To display the arrangement track, select Track and click Show Arrangement Track. You will notice its presence as arrangement just about the first track.
  2. Step 2: Now, press the “plus” button right next to the Arrangement to begin adding the first arrangement region.
  3. Step 3: You can double-click the arrangement region in case if it is not selected. Once selected, you have the opportunity to rename the area.
  4. Step 4: You can now adjust the arrangement according to the requirement by dragging the right edge of the region until the part that you wish to cover. The first vertical arrangement begins at the starting of the project. The subsequent areas start at the previous ones.
  5. Step 5: You have to continue in a similar fashion across the timeline to define the arrangement track for the song.

Some Helping Points:

The following helping points will be of immense help to bring out precise results with the help of arrangement track.

  1. Selecting the arrangement region: You can quickly select the arrangement regions by their names in the arrangement track or shift-click to select multiple areas of the timeline.
  2. Move regions: After completing with the selection of the arrangement region/regions, you can move them across the timeline according to the requirement. You can also copy the part to a new position within the track. As you drag and copy the region, the other regions make room automatically to insert the moved/copied region. Keep in mind that moving or copying an area within the arrangement will move or copy the entire track regions and additional items available in the timeline that fall within the arrangement region.
  3. Replacing the arrangement region: Replacing an arrangement region is simple. You can perform the action by clicking command-drag a particular arrangement region over the other. You can complete the similar operation for multiple sections.
  4. Deleting an arrangement region: To erase a specific region of arrangement within the arrangement track, you have to pick that particular part and press the delete button on the keyboard. It will delete that specific region from the track. You can select multiple areas and perform a similar action to remove arrangement regions. Upon deleting the selected regions, the track regions move to the left to fill with the deleted region.


The Philosophy behind it:

The availability of Arrangement Track feature in GarageBand 10 may not be an attractive or exciting element for many. However, acquiring knowledge and gaining the ability to utilize it in an appropriate manner will enhance the maximization of using GarageBand to compose music. It additionally makes life easier.

Arrangement Track feature allows you to organize sections of composition and rearrange the same depending on the need by dragging and dropping at several points within the timeline. Once you acquire the grip in controlling or utilizing the arrangement track feature in GarageBand, you can improve the workflow and ease the entire activity of producing/composing music.

An Overview:

As you can see from the above steps, arrangement track feature in the GarageBand improves the efficiency of using the software. You can quickly make arrangements to a track and bring out the best composition without consuming excessive time. As it provides you the opportunity to define sections, it makes it easier for you to alter, copy, and paste a region at different points throughout the song.

The steps as mentioned above and the helping tips provide you the opportunity to utilize the arrangement track feature available in GarageBand 10. You now have the freedom to introduce arrangement within the timeline, copy the same arrangement, and place it in different regions within the timeline of the track. You can also edit or delete specific portions to create an interesting composition.

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