About Apple’s Final Cut Pro X

The world of video editing has seen drastic changes over the years. Going from being accessible to only a selected few with highly specialized skills for strictly professional video editing, to literally thousands of you-tubers who shoot, edit and upload new content every day. Shooting and editing videos are no longer something only trained professionals can do, and has now become one of the coolest ways to earn full-time money without having to get professional training. What has made this transition possible?


When did EDITING shift online?

With the rise of user-friendly applications like Apple’s Final cut pro, digital editing came home to many users who could, before, neither afford it, nor were equipped with the skills to use them. When it was first launched, final cut pro democratized film making. Editing systems that used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, now cost less than a thousand dollars. The application took off easily and became one of the most loved, easy to use, video editing app for daily and professional users.

Is Apple making you run the older version, still?

In 2011, Apple pulled the existing version off the market and released Final cut pro X. Suddenly … it wasn’t so loved anymore. Initially, the Final cut pro X was a disaster. The interface had been completely redesigned, and a lot of old features were replaced by new ones and users who were used to the old layout and format, suddenly found themselves struggling with the new update. What was supposed to come as a long overdue Final cut update, ended up being a full-on rewriting of the application with a completely new interface and a lot of missing features.

Overnight, Final cut pro lost millions of users and became the butt of many jokes. Worldwide, it was regarded as an update of iMovie, instead of Final cut pro and was called iMovie Pro. But like Apple always does – they persevered and slowly but surely, users started to get used to the new features and started to see the merits in them, as they got more and more used to it. With numerous updates since, Apple fixed the mistakes that they did make in the initial update, making it better each time, Final cut Pro X went from zero to hero over the years. The latest update in 2018 saw even more positive changes.

From ashes to becoming the BEST EDITING SOFTWARE available worldwide:

Today, Final cut pro is one of the most reliable video editing application, that is as good as, if not better than, other professional editing applications like Adobe Premiere, etc.

User Experience:

Apple’s vision, in everything that they do, has always been to achieve more with less. The new interface and other features together work to make the experience of video editing easy and convenient for the user, meaning that it is always striving to optimize the user experience. The click ratio for the Final Cut Pro X is 1:3 as compared to other apps, which basically means that in FCP you can do more things with lesser number of clicks, saving both -time and effort; and for a digital market where time is money, that perk goes a long way.


  • New interface

Firstly and most evidently, the new Final cut pro X had gone from a 3D-ish look to a dark flat interface, which means that looking at the FCP X window is easier on the eyes and lets you concentrate more on your work for longer periods of time, thus optimizing your comfort so you can produce better content.

  • Magnetic Timeline

The magnetic timeline is the key feature of the Final Cut Pro X, and is the hardest feature to learn and get used to, but once you do, it unlocks numerous levels of time-saving and convenient options that make your editing experience faster easier and better. Before the magnetic timeline, and in other applications which don’t make use of it, it is easy to have ideas for your content, but it takes so long to actually do it when you have to move around everything manually and keep fixing the bugs as you go.

With the magnetic timeline, once you insert your clip into the primary storyline, you can change the length of any of the clips and change sequence of shots, and the other clips would magnetically snap back to the last frame of the affected clip, thus saving you the time and effort of rearranging everything every time you make changes to the length of clips. It also means that you don’t have to decide tracks for audio and video, it does that for itself, leaving you to concentrate on the story you’re trying to tell instead of getting lost in the technical details.

  • Audio lanes

With the Audio lanes, you can assign roles to audio components of each file so it can be either dialogue, music, sound effect, or whatever else you want it to be. You can create and split up as many roles as you like, and if you are in the audio lane mode, it will arrange them automatically. It also allows you to focus in on specific lanes, for example if you focus on the dialogue, everything else minimizes; and in the end, you can simply output it as a split track for your audio mix-up.

  • Cognitive search

Searching for clips is extremely easy with the FCP X, by a wide variety of criteria via the filter window including – name, type, rating, keywords, events, date, roles, format, etc.

  • Visual scrubbing and Flow transition

FCP X automatically visually scrubs for you as you’re hovering over shots. The fact that you are skimming shots and visually being enticed is a great way to emotionally interact with the footage.

Flow transition allows smooth jump cuts to make them look seamless transitions, which means that you save tonnes of time that you would otherwise have to spend in smoothening it manually. This feature might remind you of Adobe’s morph cut tool and Adobe premiere.

Extra Features Final Cut Pro offers:

In addition, it has numerous other features like if you click on the window menu on the menu bar, you will find a new “workspaces” option for saving custom workspaces. You can even use the same window to switch between workspaces or assign keyboard shortcuts to your favorite workspaces.

The remove effects option removes all effects applied to selected clips In your project timeline while the remove attributes is a little more subtle, and allows you to selectively remove specific effects. It also has faster audio fades (go to modify – adjust volume – two new options apply and remove fades. )For quickly managing fades, you can also set default fade duration. The inspector height in the FCP X is no longer vertically limited. The full height inspector is great for anybody who likes to keep all of the different sections within the inspector expanded as that way you can view more information at once. It also has Quick layout buttons – for browser, timeline and inspector.

The sorting and searching for the Final Cut Pro X is amazing. It can sort your data based on date, type etc, without YOU having to sort it into categories and folders or color code, unlike Adobe premiere. The importing process is so easy and organized that you can get to editing your content right away.

Import and Export:

One of the coolest things about the FCP X, though, is that you can import, edit, export VR 360footage. You can also connect a headset and watch your footage live right from your browser on final cut. Additionally, you can import and edit HDR footage. You can now import projects from iMovies directly into final cut, which means that you can start your project on your phone, when you’re out and about and if you take some footage, and do a quick rough edit on your phone you can import your project directly into final cut pro timeline and finish your edit right there. It also has advanced color grading and color correction tools built in, that you previously could only use if you purchased third-party plugins.

In Adobe Premiere you’d have to make multiple proxy files or else the timeline playback is just horrifically unresponsive, which is okay for large scale films and exclusive footage but for daily youtube vlogs? You don’t want to wait one or two hours rendering proxies before you can start editing. Therefore with FCP X, you can breeze through 4k videos without proxy files.

Thoughts about Final Cut Pro:

Apps like Final cut pro made it possible for formerly inaccessible digital luxuries to come home for users around the world. Along with the iMovies for beginners, the FCP X gives endless easy to use features for a one time nominal cost, making it possible for millions of you tubers to edit their own videos and put out their content that can earn them ten times the revenue, thus bringing about a whole new revolution in the video shooting, editing and releasing industry! If you’re in need, just give it a try.

Check out this video on cut pro X to learn the basics and start with your editing:

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