Best 6 Music Composing Apps

Musing Composing Apps: Be it a Rookie or a Rockstar, it always comes to using the Best tools available in the market, and making the music of your taste, presentable. As the world is growing towards progression taken Music, Developers and Big companies are coming to Musicians rescue and making new and versatile apps to handle diverse directions of self-composing.

Here, we are listing Top 5 Music Composing Apps. Currently, these Apps are holding a near and dear place in most of the Music Composer’s heart!

1. Music Maker Jam


Whatever your genre of Music composing be, this is the best App you can get, if you prefer Windows/Android over iOS. This app channels over 100 Music Styles and EDM with 8 channel mixers. If you like to experiment with a lot of different styles and inter-tune on into another to frame a very different melody, This app will provide you more opportunities than usual composing apps within less time. Taking the fact, that it offers to wide variety of loops to connect your songs but it restricts you from creating your own.

2. Reaper


Costing for 60$, This program is pretty complex and works best for live instrumentation. This is especially for the experts at music that are done with the basics and need a higher version for amazing tuning and modifications. This is by far the most complicated program in the list, and a beginner is not expected to produce anything worthwhile. When compared to other digital audio workstations, Reaper has an advantage over its price. It’s much cheaper for the kind of expertise it provides. The main drawback of this program is that it does not contain vast array of virtual instruments or samples that other packages do, but however it all depends on the kind of music you want to produce.  

3. Stagelight 


The exact replica of GarageBand with a little less dependability because of the mere price of 9.99$. As amazing as it looks, it has a very poor ability in having its own ideas on how to build a strong foundation. Users can assemble an array of loops to flit between instantly, even recording over their loops as they’re playing, which makes sketching out songs fast, as well as a lot of fun. Though its core functionality is noteworthy, its main drawback is its visual design. It offers a slightly different approach to digital music production than other similar packages, with a focus on the interface typically known as a live mode.  

4. AudioTool


AudioTool is a web-based music editing tool which comes with variety of features and functions. With AudioTools you get thousands of music samples, effects, mixing options, music instruments and more. The best thing I liked about AudioTools is that you don’t have to install any app and you can use it on the go.

All your saved samples and tracks can  acceded offline, whenever needed. The final product can be shared to multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

5. Soundsation


Soundstation Studio is free tool to create music which boasts huge collection of features to be used for good. As I am talking about features, some of the key features are real time effects, a library over a collection of more then 700 loopsa and tracks, editing, audio recording, virtual instruments and more.

The final product can be shared online on different social media platforms. However, as I told you earlier that it is a free tool, but you can buy upgrades like access to premium sounds.

6. Mixcraft 7


Mixcraft 7, apart from being a great music editing tool also resembles to Garageband. It has a very easy to understand its user-interface and provides many loops and tracks to create and edit quality music. The interface resembles Gargageband a lot and used the same way of drag and drop the loops. Creating a song, editing, adding different effects and virtual instruments are some of the key features of the App and by-far it is the most easy to use music editing tool. Even as beginners you would find it very simple and straightforward to operate. Majorly, people use it to make free ringtones for their phone, all the time.

There are options of In-App purchases to get access to more premium features, one of which lets you to add an effect to song by just shaking the phone. If you want to access a music editing tool is made less for professional use and more for fun purposes than you can surely opt for Music Maker Jam.

So, I hope you find the one editing tool which suits you the best. Happy Music Making, you guys!

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