Garageband for PC & Windows 10 (Free Download) @2019

If you are trying to download Garageband for PC/ Windows and you’re clueless about how to make it work for you on your Window PC/Laptop keep reading ahead, here’s the free guide for you.

I always have friends coming over to ask if they should invest in an APPLE PC to connect with their phone and MacBook to sync GarageBand, I understand exporting and being limited to the devices with software availability can be frustrating but I still tell them No.

  Download Garageband for pC

How to download Garageband for Windows 10

To download Garageband on Windows (computer/desktop), click on the button below. Click “Next or Accept” to proceed in the installation and enjoy the music composing app.

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Let’s Start with the installation:

You cannot use an Android emulator to Install the Garageband for Desktop. There are several different types of Android Emulators, such as Bluestacks, Genymotion, Nox App Player, Droid4X, and more but all these android emulators won’t allow you to install and use genuine the App the only way to install it is via installing VMware (which will catalyst installing one more OS in your current Operating System and won’t harm your system in any way).

DISCLAIMER: Though buying an Apple device is recommended to work through this app as it is not provided by apple for non-apple users but sometimes suggesting to splurge isn’t always the feasible and smart choice. 

Watch this full tutorial of how you can install Mac OS on your PC

It is very important you watch the whole tutorial in order to install macOS High Sierra

Intel-based Processor: If you are running an Intel processor-based PC, then I would recommend you to go for VMware method only.

AMD-V: If you are an AMD user, you already must know that not many AMD-processors support AMD-V (AMD Virtualization) because it is a major factor to run a Virtual-based OS on your Windows PC. ( You will have to check whether your processor supports Virtualization or not). If you want to know more about AMD-V you can check out our detailed guide here :- What is AMD-V?

Garageband for PC & Windows 10 (Free Download) 2019

How do I know if my PC supports AMD-V?

You can find out if your AMD-processor supports Virtualization before trying any of the methods.

Step 1: Download the AMD-V compatibility checker from the official AMD site.

Garageband for Windows Download Quick guide

Step 2: Once the download is finished, open the Compressed folder, and Extract it using Winrar.

2019 pc guide free download

Step 3: Open the folder, and Run as administrator “AMD Hyper-V.

Step 4: You have to enable it from your BIOS. Like my case, Unfortunately, my AMD-processor does not support AMD-V

The Android Emulators may work but won’t function properly.

Installation of Mac Sierra OSX

You need to enable Virtualization from the Bios, or it won’t work at all. You will face several errors. So, make sure to turn it on in the BIOS.

Step 1: Download the macOS Sierra from the button below.

   Download macOS Sierra

Specifications of the File you download:

Content: Description:
Name: GarageBand for Windows
Size: 56 MB
Requirement: Windows (All Versions)
Language: English
Author: Unauthorised
Last Updated: 12-12-2019

Step 2: You need to download and Install VMWare Workstation player because of its a freeware.

Step 3: Now extract the macOS folder using Winrar.

Step 4: You have to open folder macOS Sierra > macOS Sierra 10.12 tools > Final Youtube Folder > unlocker208.

Step 5: Now run Win-install as Administrator.

Step 6: A Window will pop-up, which is a command prompt, which macOS will let the Windows know that changes are made after taking necessary permissions.

Step 7: Launch the VMWare from the desktop shortcut.

Step 8: Now click on the “Open Virtual Machine.”

Step 9: A Window will pop, and you have navigated it to macOS Sierra > macOS Sierra 10.12 tools > Final Youtube Folder > macOS Sierra folder and Select the OS.

Step 10: Click on “Edit Virtual Machine.”

Step 11: Select number of Processor Cores (Recommend two, if your processor is Quad-core.)

Step 12: Select number of RAM, you can dedicate to the VMWare, if your RAM is 8GB, then make it 4GB in the machine.

How to turn your mac keyboard into a garageband piano

First macOS Sierra Boot

It’s incredibly simple, and you don’t need many instructions on how to do so.

1: You need to re-launch the VMware workstation 10 and “Play Virtual Machine.”

2: The Apple Logo will start showing up on your screen. It usually takes 5-10 minutes to load completely.

3: Now select your country.

4: Select your keyboard language.

5: Select the third option “Don’t transfer any information now.”

6: Enable location for better productivity of the apps.

7: Create or Sign up for an Apple ID from the panel itself because you are going to need it.

8: Agree to the terms and conditions.

9: Choose the second and move on.

10: Now select your time zone, which is important.

11: The macOS will start setting up, and it usually takes one or ten minutes to complete.

12: You are now looking at the desktop.

Installation of Garage Band App

Go to Apple Store from the taskbar and the search for “garageBand” and then download the first search result.

This is the only genuine method to freely download GarageBand for windows pc! I

Note: You need to have an active Apple ID to proceed and download just like you do on Google Play Store. In case, you were unable to top create an Apple ID back from the setup then you can create online using the Official Apple Site

Why Should You Choose GarageBand?

The digital era provides us with an array of music composing apps, choosing one music application which caters to all your needs is prudent. In Garage Band from app music, composition and production, everything is easier than you might think. Without any major prior experience, you can hit your Garage Band app and make fantastic music without any cost.

The main highlight about Garage Band is having music beats arranged as loops on the interface so the loops become easy to manipulate when arranging a song. Manipulating the loops with the control keys on your device according to your selected beats will lead to the production of your song. Garage Band comes with instruments of a symphony orchestra and Boldt packages which are useful in making films. Filmmakers can utilize this feature for quality motion images similar to those produced in a studio.

Logic Pro X vs Garageband

This app gives the producer the freedom to choose their beats. Moreover, the beats and effects produced by the app directly blend to most music genres, the musical rhythms fit with the popular music, most upcoming and experienced musicians have confessed to having used the app more than one time.

The app allows you to record multiple tracks with the flexibility to add fades and effects to improve the quality of your music. Moreover, it incorporates other real instruments such as the guitar or bass to add quality and impact to your music. The effects produced by a combination of real musical instruments combined with the loops add new flavor to music as the beats are unique. The app acts as a home studio and practice space for musicians who don’t have time to visit real studios or the money to pay producers.

Here are a few facts on why we recommend this music composing app over others-

  1. The interface is easy to use.
  2. The musical loops are easy to arrange with timers between loops. Moreover, the fact that the app blends well with other instruments for making music is an added advantage to experienced musicians and starters.
  3. It saves you time as you can produce music anywhere on the go or in your room!
  4. It blends well with most music genres which mean with a little manipulation will create your unique blended music.

Installing Garageband on Computer with Rare Software

Although this is a widely talked about the method we DO NOT recommend the usage of Rare software for installing the app, the only reason is low reliability and high virus-risk. The software will end harming your computer. There is no authentic software by this name, available that will serve your purpose. The software has got bad reviews all over the internet, and users have complained their systems were hacked & trozens inserted after installing this. Rather, just make use of the download button, install that file in your computer and run the .exe file, for having Garageband on PC.

Top 3 Garageband Alternatives

1. Audiotool


There is another easy way to make music online. Ever heard of Audio tool? Guess not! This software is one of the most used applications for composing that should feature on your desktop. Once you are done making or creating your piece, you can directly publish your tracks on to YouTube, Sound Cloud or Facebook. This software is highly accessible and is an online music production studio which can easily be accessed from your browser.

Audiotool enables the user to all samples, presets and tracks in the cloud thus you can access them from any browser without worrying about software installations. Adding to this, you can directly publish your music.
What makes Audiotool highly smooth to function with is that: It makes it very easy to collaborate with different software and hardware.
You can effortlessly add all Audiotool devices to the app’s desktop. This makes the process of merging, splitting or routing of various synthesizers outputs a little bit simpler without many glitches. It is one of the best Garageband alternatives for PC.
You get a sense of brotherhood after you join the community. Not only do you get an access to an ever-expanding community fed cloud-based library with unlimited samples (over 250,000 but you also have the advantage of getting your hands on the many devices presets accessible through a wide range of preset browsers (over 50,000).

2. Ableton Live


If there is any app that goes through the excruciating yet fruitful process of making music, it is Ableton Live. It assists you throughout, right from songwriting, composing, remixing, live performance to recording. Some of the features that make Ableton a favorite among the live performers are the application’s ability to render powerful real-time editing along with providing live nonlinear, excellent flow as well as flexible performance options. These features are a boon for any music enthusiast and Ableton Live is the perfect choice to opt for.

Ableton Live has the latest Live 8 version which comes with new techniques and improvements. It is also equipped with a new groove engine which provides services and effects like live looping reworked MIDI editor and crossfade in the Arrangement View.

Recently Ableton Live announced a public beta for Live 9.7 which includes amazing new features:

  1. Advanced editing options which help to cut off samples by beta division.
  2. Amazing color customization from color clips which helps to make the live performances easier.
  3. It provides better playability due to its features pads sensitivity which allows you to play from chords to drums.

3. Music Maker Jam


Anyone who has music taste which encompasses many genres like Hip Hop, House, Metal, Techno etc and prefers expanding your music library. Music Maker Jam is the best application to use. Music Maker Jam is a free music application available for Windows 8 and works on iOS devices as well.

Using this application you can not only create tracks in a simpler and faster way but you can also remix the tracks with a great degree of ease. Adding real-time effects by shaking and tilting your device is just one of the many perks of this application.

About the Origin Company- Apple:

Apple is known for Innovation and Quality, which also applies to the GarageBand.It happens to be one of the most popular Apple app, based on Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). The app can be used only on Apple products such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac OSX. The reason, why the app has reached the maximum attention from the Apple consumer community because you can create Music tracks and Podcast from your home.

About the Music Composing App:

Garageband isn’t exclusive and never promoted by Apple. Windows wasn’t that effective until the Emulators come into existence. The app became a huge success among the Apple users because of a user-accessible interface where you can create any high-quality music and use it in your Videos, Music, Theme and even Youtube intros. When you start using it, it may become a little difficult for you to understand the UI but once you get a hang of it after a few sessions, there is No Looking Back!

Recently, when Apple came out with improved rendering and smooth video extraction, it became even easier to run the app on Windows PC. 

Why is Apple keeping it exclusive?

We don’t have GarageBand versions for Windows or PC. Clearly, Apple isn’t going to contribute to the rival company Windows to keep the reputation as number one laptop manufacturer. The app can only work on the Apple products like iPhone to Mac OSX laptops and many people have switched to mac just for this music composing app. 

However, that does not mean you cannot have the app on your Windows-PC, check the guide above and create amazing music!

VMware Workstation Pro ( The Better version of free VMware )

VMware Workstation Pro is the better and advanced version than the basic VMware Workstation which is available free of cost. While Workstation Pro license costs around 300$, there are some advantages of having Workstation Pro making it to our recommendation such as, you can run Multiple Virtual Machines at the same time making the networking is much better. You can also share the virtual machine as a server.

VMware being the best organization in creating virtual machine software makes it the best option to run Garageband on PC. If you are looking to run this app on your PC, there can be nothing better than VMware.

Update: 05 June 2018

There are many sites that are trying to give you new methods of installing GarageBand app on your laptop. But beware of them, as most of them are just trying to lure you into visiting them and making money out of fake methods and downloads. We have added the exact working method of getting this software using VMware and our chief developer has spent 10+ hours in just installing and getting the ins and outs of this software so that our users face no problems. So, go ahead and use our download guide to make your day and use this magical Apple software today for composing great music, fun, audios and entertainment.


  1. Is there a GarageBand for PC?
    Ans: No & Yes, Officially, Apple never gives out it’s exclusive apps to all the other available platforms but you can download and use it by taking help of other emulators like VMware which we have explained in our article above.
  2. Is GarageBand a DAW?
    Ans: Yes, GarageBand is an Apple’s free DAW which stands for a digital audio workstation. It is a hardware device or software app used for composing, producing, recording, mixing and editing audio like music, speech and sound effects. It is considered the easiest and most advanced DAW in the market making music accessible to everyone.
  3. Is Garage Band for free?
    Ans: Yes, Apple provides it for free in its devices like iPhone, iMac or MacBooks. Even when you access it on PC/Windows Laptop via VMware, the emulator may cost you for being a pathway from windows to Apple but the app is free.
  4. What is Ipadian?
    Ans: iPadian is a software emulator which once installed creates another desktop screen on your PC/laptop looking like iPad screen and making apple’s app store and apps accessible to you just like an apple device. They have custom AppStore which comprises of more than 350 most popular apple apps which are sometimes not android accessible available to you.
  5. What is the best IOS emulator?
    Ans: VMware, iPadian, SmartFace, BlueStacks are among our top recommended emulators for enjoying iOS apps.
  6. What apps are similar to Garageband?
    Ans: There are few options available which work as smooth as the Apple’s app, Check our review and description on them here.

Let’s Conclude:

Installing macOS on your Windows PC using VMWare is easy, and when the installation is completed you need to open the Apple Store, which is similar to the Google Play store and download the app just like you do on any Android smartphone. We hope that your problem of getting Garageband for Windows 10, PC, Computer 2019 would have been solved till now!

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